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Education and sport in our communities

Education and sports are the main forces that driving changes in knowledge, values, behaviour and living standards, which are necessary to create sustainable, stable and trustworthy conditions in the communities we serve.

As part of our continuous commitment to contribute to the education of Cameroonians, we support education actions that help persons of all ages to develop personal skills, make responsible choices for their health, safety and electricity consumption, and to play an active and contributory role in their communities.

Moreover, we promote sport events that enable Eneo to establish relations between its staff and the local communities, to create positive and trustworthy environments and improve their living standards.

a. Education campaign on public safety and efficient consumption of electricity

At Eneo, Safety is the top priority of our employees, subcontractors and the members of the communities where we operate. Since 2006, Eneo has been organising year-round educational campaigns in communities and schools nationwide. Our objective is to educate our communities on the process of supplying electricity to households, and the appropriate measures to be taken in case of danger, to protect themselves from fatal accidents. Furthermore, we put in huge efforts to educate our customers on the efficient consumption of electricity by providing them with adequate tips to reduce their monthly electricity bills.

Thanks to our direct sensitisation programmes, we have already educated about 1,000,000 children and adults on the dangers of electricity, and on the appropriate way of managing their electricity consumption, to ensure their safety and reduce their electricity bills.

b. HIV/AIDS Peer Educators and sensitisation campaigns

Since 2009, we have trained our staff and the local communities on transmissible diseases that may negatively affect their wellbeing. We have intensified the awareness on HIV/AIDS among our communities and on our worksites. As part of this program, we have trained over 500 peer educators from all levels of our organisation on the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Additionally, we sensitised close to 5,000,000 Cameroonians on the risk factors and prevention methods of HIV/AIDS and related infectious diseases via various media.

c. Sensitisation campaigns on cardiovascular diseases

In partnership with the Cameroon Heart Society and other stakeholders, Eneo has, since 2006, been committed to raising public awareness on cardiovascular diseases through the Week for the fight against CVD/CVAs. To date, over 1000 medical doctors and nurses have been trained on the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and cardiovascular accidents (CVA). Over 5,000,000 Cameroonians are educated each year through the media and other forums on the risk factors and methods to prevent cardiovascular diseases, cardiovascular accidents, high blood pressure, heart attack and diabetes.

As part of this partnership, resources have been mobilised for the free screening of high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity, and over 200,000 persons have benefited since this public health initiative was launched.

d. Electro Foot Programme

Our ELECTRO FOOT programme is a monthly meeting point and exchange forum aimed at fostering healthy behaviours and positive relations among Eneo employees, partners and local communities, on the one hand, and within the various groups on the other hand.

In collaboration with the Cameroon National Youth Council and local Councils, theme-based exchange forums and football tournaments are organised throughout the year between Eneo and the youths in the various villages around our installations. Football matches are often preceded by educational talks on several topics of interests and the scourges that plague our youths today. These topics are selected and developed by the local youths themselves with Eneo’s support and logistical assistance.

Furthermore, we avail ourselves of such opportunities to educate local communities on public electricity safety and the efficient electricity consumption.


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