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Hereunder are a few cases of fraud:

• Where you tamper with or manipulate your meter;
• Where your consumption bills never vary (the same and exact amount);
• Where you are connected to the pole or your neighbour's line;
• Where a subscriber becomes an electricity distributor.

Hereunder are some sanctions:

Eneo Cameroon must attest all cases of fraud in a report prepared by a competent authority (Bailiff, Expert, Judicial Police Officer, Eneo Sworn Employee, etc);
• Eneo Cameroon may immediately start legal proceedings to establish the civil and criminal liabilities of the persons accused of fraud;
• Eneo Cameroon will have the right to suspend energy supply without any formalities whatsoever, until the ruling on the legal proceedings is given.
In addition to legal proceedings and sanctions, Eneo Cameroon will rightly:
• Suspend the energy supply and take every conservatory measure to preserve the evidences proving the offence;
• Issue a bill to the fraudulent user representing the quantity of energy illegally consumed over a period that shall not exceed 36 months, as from the date of report of the offence; The energy illegally consumed will be assessed based on the User's installed load or based on an estimate of the daily consumption and subcription tariff, or the history of the consumptions billed, or observations made by sworn Eneo Cameroon employees;
• Bill the fraudulent User the normalisation and installation reconnection costs;
• Bill penalties to the tune of 20% of the amount billed for the energy illegally consumed.

Energy supply disconnection and reconnection costs, which are fixed, are incurred by the Customer.




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