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Cancelling my subscription

Do you want to CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION as soon as possible?

Cancellation of your contract will lead to the disconnection of your electricity supply and removal of your meter. Your meter will be read at the time of cancellation of your contract.

Please go to your agency with your complete file.

Documents required for a subscription cancellation

Corporate / business customer

• A cancellation request letter on letterhead carrying either the trade registration No. or taxpayer‘s No. or registration in the register of associations of corporate entities.
• The last bill paid and the payment receipt.

If the customer must be reimbursed he/she shall present the following:

• The original of the subscription contract
• The receipt for payment of consumption deposit (ASC)

NB: (1) copies, even certified copies, and declaration of loss certificates shall not be accepted
(2) The claim shall be made by the customer personally. Powers of attorney shall not be accepted


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