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Saving lives

While electricity is useful, it can also be dangerous. 

Having access to electricity could make your life comfortable in many ways. However, electricity is dangerous and you should be careful and comply with safety rules for your protection. 

Protect yourself and your family by always respecting safety rules at home, in the office as well as inside and around electrical installations.

1- Never go close to power lines hanging low or lying on the ground

2- Never try to touch a victim because you may also be electrocuted. Cut off the power supply and call for help. Inform Eneo on 8010

3-No cohabitation with power lines

 4- Before undertaking tree felling or pruning, check if there is any power linepassing nearb and call Eneo at 8010

To serve the growing demand, Eneo is engaged in a modernization process. This is what commands the implementation of the new company safety policy. in 2019

The company's top priority is that every employee goes home alive and healthy at the end of the day, and most importantly, that the public enjoys electrical service safely. A single commun objective : "O fatality, 0 accident".

This implies maintaining the security system in the field during critical maintenance activities, checking and standardizing electrical installations, as well as raising public awareness of hazards and use of electric current.


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