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Partnership Express Union - Eneo


Since the signature, in November 2014, of the Partnership Agreement for the payment of Eneo electricity bills in any of your Express Union branches, a new era has begun as regards customer satisfaction along with numerous advantages brought by Express Union.

1- Advantages of the Partnership

  • Pay the bill of a friend or relative and let them collect their receipt in any of our branches
  • Instantly get your receipt
  • Pay your electricity bills via Express Union Mobile
  • Pay your bills at night, on Sundays and even on public holidays
  • Pay your commodity-connection fees
  • Pay your installment agreement quota
  • Pay your miscellaneous charges
  • Save time by making your payments in less than 05 minutes
  • Pay fraud invoices
  • Enjoy competitive tariffs
  • Enjoy proximity
  • Enjoy payment installments from 1 to more than 1 000 000 CFA F


2- How to pay your Eneo bills

2.1- How to pay your Eneo bill at a counter

It’s very easy, once you have received your bill:

  • Go to the nearest Express Union branch with your bill number or Eneo SMS alert;
  • Hand in your bill + money at the Eneo counter;
  • Once payment is done, you will be given your receipt and bill.

2.2- How to pay your eneo bill using your phone

* Via the SMS Syntax below

PF (spacing) 100004001 (spacing) Bill Number (spacing) MPIN; then send it all to 8081.

* Via the application Express Union Mobile to be downloaded for free from Google Play

  • Launch the application Express Union Mobile previously installed on your phone
  • Fill in the right fields of the Menu and follow instruction
  • Go to any Express Union branch to get your receipt.
RangeRates (FCFA)
De 1 Fcfa à 15.000 Fcfa 200
De 15.001 à 20.000 Fcfa 300
De 20.001 à 30.000 Fcfa 300 
De 30.001 à 40.000 Fcfa 400 
De 40.001 à 50.000 Fcfa 400
De 50.001 à 70.000 Fcfa  500
De 70.001 à 80.000 Fcfa  500
De 80.001 à 100.000 Fcfa  700
De 100.001 à 200.000 Fcfa  750
De 200.001 à 300.000 Fcfa  750
De 300.001 à 400.000 Fcfa  1150
De 400.001 à 500.000 Fcfa  1300
De 500.001 à 600.000 Fcfa  1700
De 600.001 à 700.000 Fcfa  1950
De 700.001 à 800.000 Fcfa  1950
De 800.001 à 900.000 Fcfa  2150
De 900.001 à 1000.000 Fcfa  2150


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