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Exercising my consequential rights (Participation)

What is the procedure when your neighbour connects to an installation you financed?

The connection of a new user to an "existing network facility totally or partially financed by a person other than an administrative unit or the State, or a land developer; the new user must pay a consequential right to the person who financed the network extension. The payment of this share of the extension cost is called Participation or Consequential Right.

The participation is calculated based on the part of the facility shared (shared section). This calculation takes into account the number of years "elapsed since the payment of the extension, to the tune of 20% of reduction per year elapsed, which means zero participation on the facilities 5 years after the payment.

Where the first users shall owe Eneo Cameroon part of the cost of the first installation (for example, pending moratorium, insolvency...), the payment made by the new customer will be deducted from the amount owed to Eneo Cameroon. This participation will be included in the connection estimate payable to Eneo Cameroon.

These provisions shall not apply to extensions constructed for State public service and financed by the State. They shall equally not apply where a participation payment exemption (legalised by a competent authority) shall be issued by Users who financed the first connection, or where the extensions are financed by Eneo Cameroon.


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