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Changing my contract

Do you want to CHANGE YOUR CONTRACT as soon as possible?

A change of contract shall concern the following items in your contract:

• Full names, address
• Subscribed load (amperage)
• Change in the type of connection, single phase or three-phase (2 wires, 4 wires)

Go to your agency with your complete file.

Documents required for a subscription:

Corporate / Business Customer

• A lease or sales contract duly signed and legalized
• A location plan
• A written request on a letterhead showing either the trade registration No. or taxpayer‘s No. or registration certificate of corporate entities associations.

Administrative Customers

• 1 location plan
• 1 written request on letterhead indicating either the registration No. or taxpayer No.

Service Regulations
The maximum time to execute a subscription on an existing connection as from the date of payment of the Consumption Deposit (ASC) by the Customer shall be:

• 3 working days in urban areas
• 5 working days in rural areas

Consumption deposits (ASC) shall not be subject to any taxes (VAT, etc.)

Payment of consumption deposit for MV (medium voltage) is subject to the issuance of a subscription bill.

The MT (medium voltage) subscription may be subscribed for industrial, commercial or household customers. For effective subscription, the Customer must:

• Send a written request to Eneo in which he/she specifies its identity, address, activity and requested load.
• Present a land title or registered lease agreement for the MV supply point (SP).
• Pay consumption deposit (ASC) except for the administrative services, Eneo Offices, and Customers in the free trade points and Free trade Zone

Decentralized State entities (Councils, CRTV, SNEC, CAMTEL, Universities ...) are subject to the payment of ASC.




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