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Understanding my bill

High-Voltage Bill

HV billing does not follow a standard model of calculation as is the case for LV and MV customers. Given the sensitivity of information to be processed for this type of customers, Eneo Cameroon reserves the sole right to determine the method of calculation for industrial customers.

However the high-voltage electric bills include:

• Active energy (KWH): represents the exact consumption of the customer, which is to say what is directly taken when the index is read during meter reading.
• Active energy accumulated at the end of the previous month: it is the cumulative consumption of the customer for the previous month.
• Active energy accumulated at the end of the current month: it is the cumulative consumption of the customer for the current month.
• Reactive energy (KVARH): this is the amount of extra energy that we bill the customer when the subscribed load is exceeded.
• Peak power consumption (KW): it represents the highest level of customer consumption recorded on the customer’s monthly consumption curve.
• Power factor: also called Cosine Phi, it presented as an angle or a constant between the active energy and reactive energy. These two types of energy are linked together by the cosine phi.
• Provisional economic index:
• Turnover tax on energy price: Tax on turnover charged to the customer on the energy price
• Turnover tax on metering device rental: Tax on turnover charged to the customer on the metering device rental
• VAT on energy price: it is the VAT applied to the energy price.
• VAT on metering device rental: represents the VAT applied to the amount related to the metering device rental.
• Fixed monthly premium: represents a premium which is determined by the number of hours of use of the subscribed load (reached, in case of exceeding the subscribed load).
• Proportionate Price: 1st segment
• Proportionate Price: 2nd segment
• Proportionate Price: 3rd segment
• Proportionate Price: 4th segment

N.B: Proportionate price of a consumption segment for HV customers is determined by Eneo Cameroon based on the type of contract it has with each of these customers. There is no predefined price in advance, prices are determined after several negotiations.

• Penalty for exceeding the subscribed load: In case the subscribed load is exceeded, Eneo Cameroon shall levy a penalty for the excess load. However, penalties are calculated for values of power factor below 0.80.
• Penalty for exceeding the Cos Phi: In case of exceeding the cosine phi, penalties shall be calculated if the values of the power factor is less than 0.80.
• Metering equipment rental: it is the amount allocated to the metering equipment which is charged to the customer on their monthly consumption bill.

N.B: Industrial customers have no standard bill. The following elements are included in their bill. These elements are very often on an Excel document.

A step furthermore in the dynamics of strengthening of the energy offer in Cameroon

The english version of this text will be soon available.L’Etat du Cameroun; EDF; IFC Banque mondia

Communication of the Managing Director of Eneo Cameroon S.A at the IPAD conference

.The english version of this text will be soon available.Joël Nana Kontchou face à une centaine de

Emergency works further to an incident on the transport line Bekoko-Nkongsamba-Bamenda

Eneo Cameroon informs its customers in the West and North-West Regions that an incident occurred on

Transport line Bekoko-Nkongsamba: acceleration of the works for a return to normal on Wenesday, January 13th at the latest

Following the incident that occurred on Monday 11 January 2015 on the  90 KV Bekoko- Nkongsamba-Bam


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