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IWD 2023: Eneo women in display of solidarity with their customers


Douala, 8 March 2023: Eneo Cameroon, the country’s energy producer and distributor took part in the parade marking the International Women's Day with the following message displayed on banners carried by Eneo ladies: “Yes! Our customers are entitled to better service quality. In collaboration with other actors in the sector, we are working on it”.

Eneo ladies are celebrating this day in a relatively difficult setting characterised by a balance in supply and demand in the three Northern Regions but an imbalance in the South Interconnected Network. "The significant energy deficit, the issues on the networks and the management of these difficulties illustrate your point.  This is an opportunity to point out that we have been able to limit, for the time being, the effects of the deficit in the South Interconnected Network with coordinated actions between the various actors in the sector. This was possible thanks to a regular collaboration between the different actors working in a chain to satisfy customers", declared the General Manager Patrick Eeeckeler to Eneo women, praising their courage and bravery, but also their commitment to the quality of service provided to customers.

This commitment had already been demonstrated in the course of the week through the deployment of Eneo ladies in the agencies as part of the concept they call Customer Care Days. During these days, the ladies, irrespective of whether they work in the Commercial Directorate or elsewhere, met at the agencies to listen to customers.

Empowerment and Accountability

The mobilisation of Eneo women is a testament of the company’s commitment to foster the well-being of the female gender. This edition of the IWD was an opportunity to take stock of the progress recorded so far.

The women’s empowerment programme is based on a number of levers: a recently adopted diversity policy, the creation of a pool of female talent, the encouragement of female candidates for job opportunities, the promotion of women in the technical domain and training.

A programme that is already making great strides: an increase in the rate of women's participation in decision-making from 24.6% in 2018 to 25.9% in 2022; an increase in the number of women in technical professions from 129 to 152; more and more training and promotion for women.

Since 2021/2022, Eneo has been involved in a project to encourage young girls to train in the technical professions. Speaking before the women today, the General Manager announced that Eneo is currently developing women-centric programmes. "As a first step, we are considering agreements with relevant ministries and schools. The objective is to support the education/training of young girls enrolled in the technical professions of electricity generation and operations," he said.


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