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Support to the Prevention and Management of  Health Emergencies

Eneo donates CFAF 175 million to  The Government of Cameroon

Yaounde, 22 September 2020 - Eneo Cameroon S.A. made a donation of sanitary equipment worth CFAF 175 million to the Government of Cameroon. The donation was received on this symbolic day by the Minister of Public Health, Mr. Manaouda Malachie.

As a responsible company at the service of Cameroonians and all communities living in Cameroon, Eneo is standing by the State, as a strategic partner. This donation is coming to support national efforts in the fight against the spread of the COVID19 pandemic as well as the prevention and management of other diseases.

The donation consists of the following equipment for health care and mass disinfection: Pulse oximeters, Resuscitation and intensive care ventilators, Multi-parametric monitors, and Motor-pump sprayers for disinfection of public places, Buckets with cover and taps for washing hands, surgical masks and bottles of hydro-alcoholic gel.

"Through this act, the intention of Eneo is to support the State of Cameroon to better manage this health crisis throughout the country. This equipment will help to strengthen the system in place, and later be used for the management of other types of illnesses, primarily in our Reference Hospitals," declared Eric MANSUY, GM Eneo.

It should be remembered that the Douala Referral Hospital is the only centre specializing for the treatment of severe burns in the Central Africa sub-region. As part of the recipients of this donation, it will help, on the one hand, to strengthen the critical platform for this training, and on the other hand, to reduce the death rate related to COVID19 and other serious diseases.

In addition to the referral hospitals, 10 (ten) District Councils hosting sensitive electricity generation sites will also benefit from part of this donation which is broken down as follows:

Douala Referral Hospital

  • 75 Pulse oximeters;
  • 3 Resuscitation and intensive care ventilators;
  • 3 Multi-parametric resuscitation monitors. 

Yaounde Referral Hospital

  • 50 Pulse oximeters;
  • 2 Resuscitation and intensive care respirators;
  • 2 Multi-parametric resuscitation monitors.

Each of the 10 selected District Councils

  • 5 Motor-pump sprayers for the disinfection of public places;
  • 10 buckets of 50 litres with cover and tap for washing hands in public places;
  • 100 bottles of hydro-alcoholic gel for hand disinfection in public places;
  • 100 surgical masks for the health personnel of the municipality.

Eneo Cameroon S.A. salutes the action of the Government of Cameroon whose robust response plan has helped to check the spread of this pandemic and protected the lives of people.

Despite a particularly difficult context and its consequences on the country's economy, Eneo is continuing its transformation in order to ensure continuity of electricity service. The spread of the virus has been brought under control within the company, especially in core business functions and at key electricity generation and distribution sites.

Eneo is delighted to consolidate its partnership with the Government, like the other stakeholders, in order to electrocute the corona virus.

Click here to download the Address of the Director General during the Sanitary Donation Ceremony to the Government of Cameroon

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