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About power supply this end of the year 2019

Eneo Cameroon apologizes to its customers for the inconveniences caused by the power cuts in recent weeks.

In collaboration with other stakeholders in the sector, arrangements are ongoing so that customers can better organize end of year festivities.

Information on power outage is available at Eneo Customer Services and website. A provisional* load shedding forecast schedule is updated everyday on the web portal or at the Eneo Customer Relations Centre.

This situation is caused by the severe cash-flow crisis which has created instability in the sector in general. The most obvious consequence can be seen in the difficulties encountered in supplying fuel to thermal power plants, leading to load shedding on the South Interconnected Grid (Littoral, West, North West, South West, Centre and South).

A consultation framework between stakeholders in the sector and the authorities has been set up to find solutions.

Eneo recommends energy-saving tips through simple gestures, such as disconnecting or turning off the light where it is not necessary. Safety and energy-saving tips are available on the web portal.

To consult the load shedding schedule, regularly visit our site on Works and Power cuts by logging on to:, or contact the Eneo Call Centre at 8010.

*Eneo would like to note that the provisional nature of this schedule is due to the fact that new generation constraints or network operations could at any time cause unannounced outages, or result in continuity of service when outages were planned.

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