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Additional 13 MW for the Oyomabang Thermal Power Plant

Despite a rather difficult socio-economic context, rehabilitation continues

Eneo Cameroon hereby announces the end of rehabilitation work at the Oyomabang Thermal Power Plant and its commissioning. Thanks to the renovation of this generation facility, its capacity has increased from 6 to 19 MW, with a reliability warranty of at least 15 years.

This work, which falls within the framework of Eneo’s investment programme aimed at rehabilitating, reinforcing and stabilizing the generation facility has already made it possible to increase by 76 MW Eneo’s supply capacities, notably with the 55 MW extra energy generated as a result of the renovation of the Limbe Thermal Power Plant gensets, including Bafoussam’ s 9 MW.

According to Eugene Ngueha, Eneo Cameroon COO for Technical Activities, “these efforts aimed at renovating certain facilities will continue with the Bertoua power plant that will increase by 5 MW before the end of the year, thereby reducing the current energy shortfall in the East region.

According to Joel Nana Kontchou, Eneo Cameroon General Manager, “despite the rather challenging socio-economic context, the strengthening of our generation facilities has always been our top priority. These efforts coupled with transmission and distribution networks stabilization actions have made it possible today to record an 31% improvement in service quality. The collection of debts from all our customers has become the major concern for Eneo Cameroon given the significant investment needs, which of course cannot be met only with the improvement of operational efficiency. All customers should always endeavour to pay their bills; it is a civic duty.

Besides increasing availability of all the Thermal Power Plants nationwide, the Oyomabang Plant will help boost voltage in the city of Yaounde. By the end of 2017, Eneo Cameroon should thus increase its total generation capacity by 148 MW. These investments would go a long way in reinforcing the stability of the power system nationwide, which is characterized by a steady increase in demand.

About Eneo 

Driving force in the electricity sector and a major growth catalyst in Cameroon, Eneo Cameroon has as mission to provide reliable energy and quality service while positioning itself as a model of governance in Africa. Building on the values of integrity, cohesion, respect, and commitment, since 2014, the company has safely connected 315,000 new families and industriesAt the end of June 2017, unserved energy dropped by 31% compared to the same period in 2016. With an estimated workforce of 3,700 employees and a portfolio of more than one million two hundred customersEneo Cameroon is a public-private partnership that generates and distributes energy in Cameroon. For more information about the company, go to 




A step furthermore in the dynamics of strengthening of the energy offer in Cameroon

The english version of this text will be soon available.L’Etat du Cameroun; EDF; IFC Banque mondia

Communication of the Managing Director of Eneo Cameroon S.A at the IPAD conference

.The english version of this text will be soon available.Joël Nana Kontchou face à une centaine de

Emergency works further to an incident on the transport line Bekoko-Nkongsamba-Bamenda

Eneo Cameroon informs its customers in the West and North-West Regions that an incident occurred on

Transport line Bekoko-Nkongsamba: acceleration of the works for a return to normal on Wenesday, January 13th at the latest

Following the incident that occurred on Monday 11 January 2015 on the  90 KV Bekoko- Nkongsamba-Bam


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