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Eneo announces Important reinforcement and Stabilization Works in the electricity network of the South West Region, this Sunday

In view of stabilizing the energy supplied to the clients of the South West Region, Eneo Cameroon S.A. informs its customers that it shall carry out important upgrading works at the power interconnection post of Bekoko. There shall also be maintenance works at the Limbe Mile 2 transmission post, in order to improve the overall quality of the electricity service in this Region.

These works will be executed this Sunday 25th February 2018, with power interruption from 07 am to 04 pm, for safety and security reasons.

The following localities shall be affected by this important power cut:

• The whole of Fako Division, Meme Division, Ndian Division, Lebialem Division, and the upper part of Manyu Division.

Electricity service will be resumed as soon as these maintenance works end, and this will be done without any further prior notification.

We strongly advice that you unplug all your electrical appliances and ensure that all switches in your houses are turned to “off”, until at least 15 minutes after the effective return to normal electricity service. If you have alternative sources of energy, please do well to activate them.

For further enquiries, as well as our tips on safety and energy consumption reduction, please call the Eneo Customer Care Centre on 8010, or visit us online on .

Eneo Cameroon counts on your understanding and thanks you for your faithfulness.

Eneo, the energy of Cameroon.

The Regional Director, South West & Moungo
Lovett E. Ngalame


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