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AFCON 2022: Eneo Cameroon steps up its investments and standby arrangements in electricity generation and distribution.


Douala, 05 January 2022

Eneo Cameroon announces that, in view of its involvement in the organisation of the CAN TOTAL ENERGIES 2021, it has set up a reinforced standby system for its teams around the competition host sites and the distribution network in general. The aim is to ensure maximum continuity, in a context of increasing investments, but also of the fragility of the electricity system driven in particular by heavy transit constraints on the transmission network.

In this context, Eneo stands ready to work closely with the other players in the electricity supply chain. The standby monitoring teams will be strengthened internally as well as externally with its partner companies.

The various technicians mobilised will be responsible in particular for ensuring the rapid restoration of power to the stadiums, in the event of failure of their main power supply provided by stakeholders other than Eneo. It is understood that the protocol for the African Cup of Nations provides for the stadiums to be powered by generators positioned by the organisers. The electricity network thus becomes a back-up. All Eneo electricians on alert will be mobilized to deal as quickly as possible with incidents that may affect neighborhoods and localities due to its distribution network.

Investments for +18% improvement in the quality of distribution
As a reminder, at the request of the government, Eneo Cameroon has set up and built new generation and distribution facilities to help ensure that the sites (stadiums, hospitals, hotels and other host sites) are supplied with power.

In Douala and Yaoundé:

  • Dedicated lines to supply the Olembe, Japoma and Bepanda stadiums;
  • Supply to social housing by an overhead line (also acting as a back-up for the Olembe stadium);
  • Ensuring power supply to the Referral, Gynaecological, Paediatric-Craser Hospitals by dedicated lines, in Douala and Yaoundé;
  • Construction of 50 new distribution substations;
  • Rehabilitation of underground cables in Douala and Yaoundé (45 km);
  • Replacement of more than 200 cubicles in MV-LV substations in Douala and Yaoundé;
  • Systematic maintenance of all source substations;
  • Replacement of defective poles in Douala and Yaoundé (17 000 in 2021).
  • Ensuring power supply to the Douala airport by building a secondary line;
  • Installation of frequency-metric relays in source substations to limit risks of network collapses.

In the West:

  • Power supply to the Omnisport stadium with a dedicated overhead feeder, construction of a supply substation and construction of an emergency line;
  • Power supply to the 07 training stadiums of Kouekon, Bamendzi, Mbouda, Bandjoun, Bangou, Bafang and Tocket;
  • Power supply to the Kouekon Regional Hospital Centre through the construction of a supply substation;
  • Reinforcement of the three main lines in Bafoussam by using the latest generation of cables (148 mm²);
  • Construction of an underground looping link (footbridges) between the three main lines of Bafoussam, with an MV/MV looping substation;
  • Replacement of the defective underground cable in the town of Bafoussam (1.5km);
  • Upgrading to 30 kV of the supply voltage to the town of Dschang;
  • Upgrading to 30 kV of the supply voltage to the town of Bafang;
  • Replacement of 8 000 defective poles in the West Region.

In the South West:

  • Construction of a link between the main lines of Buea and Tiko, with a view to strengthening the loop between Buea and Tiko;
  • Ongoing rehabilitation of the line between Loum and Kumba, over 7.5km. This is a particularly difficult project due to the security situation in the area;
  • Power supply to the Ngeme Omnisport Stadium, with an overhead line dedicated to the Stadium, with a loop as a back-up for the stadium power supply;
  • 06 MV/LV network extensions;
  • Systematic maintenance of all source substations;
  • Power supply to the various sites


  • Transfer of 24 MW of thermal capacity to Garoua and Ngaoundéré;
  • Implementation of a modular solar solution (30 MW solar and 10 MW thermal);
  • Power supply to the Garoua Omnisport stadium, with a dedicated underground line and the construction of two back-up lines to supply the stadium;
  • Power supply for the 05 training stadiums in Garoua;
  • Construction of an overhead-underground loop to ensure the supply of the training stadium
  • Power supply to the Ribadou Hotel;
  • Construction of a loop to ensure the supply of the Ribadou and Shalom hotels;
  • Ensuring a secure supply to the Garoua Regional Hospital;
  • Power supply to the Benoué Hotel;
  • Ensuring power supply to the air base.

Overall, more than 140 km of new lines have been constructed, distribution substations and various equipment installed.

Eneo's investments, combined with those made by other stakeholders in the sector, should improve continuity of service during this major event.

As part of the implementation of its investment programme, Eneo Cameroon has also carried out actions to stabilise or extend the supply network for households and businesses in the various regions: 84 000 poles replaced by a new concrete-metallic-wood mix, 1 313 km of line corridors cleaned in rural areas to protect them from vegetation in the long term, more than 300 km of lines built to improve access to electricity and the quality of energy... These actions have contributed to an 18% improvement in the continuity of distribution service.

In the last few days before the AFCON, Eneo teams are making adjustments to increase the level of availability of generation plants and distribution networks.

Eneo is mobilized!

Eneo Cameroon invites all its customers to avoid any manipulation on the networks.

It reiterates that its entire management and teams are mobilized and ready to intervene quickly in case of any incident as soon as they are notified. It invites all its clients to:

  • Report any unplanned outages to 8010 or their social networks;
  • Avoid waste of energy;
  • Take the usual security measures.

Dowload PDF version of the briefing note – here



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