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Electricity service in Meiganga: Eneo Cameroon's ongoing actions...

For several years, and especially in 2020 and this year, Eneo has rolled out its plan to reinforce the Ngaoundere-Meiganga network, with a view to stabilising it as much as possible, and to limit the negative impact of incidents.

This plan consists in replacing wood poles in critical state and installing several operations equipment with the aim of reducing the scope of outages during incidents.

Between 2020 and mid-June, about 450 poles have already been replaced. The project was halted last year due to the scarcity of wood poles. This scarcity can be explained by the security situation in the North-West Region, the source of more than 90% of Eneo’s poles.

Despite the recent exploitation of the Baleng forest in the West region with the support of public authorities, there is still an acute shortage of wood poles for the maintenance of networks and the implementation of electricity projects throughout the country.

On the ground in Meiganga at the moment, five companies have resumed operations since 5 June 2021, and should finish in about two months, depending on how much it rains.

These works are being executed at the same time as studies are finalised for the construction of a new line between Ngaoundere and Meiganga, entirely on metal poles and reinforced concrete. The line will be more than 150 kilometres long, on a route with fewer sections that are difficult to access for interventions, as is currently the case. The project is scheduled to run from this year to 2023. 

Meanwhile, works underway will reduce the frequency and duration of outages caused by incidents on the distribution line, even though it will still be fragile due to unforeseen weather conditions.

Eneo Cameroon wishes to offer sincere apologies to its customers in Meiganga for the recurrent disruptions in service , as well as for the inconveniences caused by the works in progress. 

The Regional Director for North, Far North and Adamaoua


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