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After over two years without electricity, Donga-Mantung lighted as population watch World Cup matches in jubilation

 “To us it’s an early Christmas gift. After over two years without electricity here we are enjoying electricity again. The timing could not have been this appropriate. Here we are enjoying world cup matches and in a few weeks it will be end of year festivities. The enjoyment will be total and above all, our kids can now study conveniently at night” rejoiced one of the clients.

In effect, for the past two years, the population of Donga-Mantung division in the North West region have been without electricity. This is as a result of the insecurity in area which made it difficult for technical teams to do interventions and replace a good number of fallen poles along the D35 Kumbo electricity line especially in between Kumbo and Nkambe.

Donga-Mantung shares a long border with the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

As soon as conditions permitted, Eneo teams in the North-West region especially of the Kumbo Technical base and their subcontractors braved the insecurity and with the collaboration of the population launched the operation to rehabilitate the faulty sections of the network. After several months of hard work, electricity returned on November 23, 2022 in a good number of localities much to the satisfaction of the population.

According to Mohammadu Adamu, Manager of the Kumbo Technical base, the works consisted of replacement of fallen poles, cables and some defected transformers and pruning of trees closer to electricity lines.

“It gladdens my heart see the joy on the faces of these clients. It motivates me to continue to work harder so that other localities can lighted. Despite the pressures, we made sure we worked in safety and respecting all security procedures put in place”, Mohammadu Adamu concluded.


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