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Corporate Social Responsibility: Fourteenth social organization to benefit from solar photovoltaic equipment donated and installed by Eneo


Ngaoundere, 20 September 2022- “He who brings light brings life.  We can now watch pictures on TV and we learn, we can photocopy our documents, we can study properly and do all the things that light helps us do on a daily basis. Before, this was not the case, we were completely in the dark and with the insecurity in our Region, we were always afraid, but now we are covered thanks to Eneo.” Stated Carine Mbazo’o, the Director of Star of Hope Foundation in the Selbe Garang neighbourhood of Ngaoundere, the foundation now functions with greater ease thanks to this social action by Eneo Cameroon.

The project is part of the company’s "Eneo MicroSolar" broad programme, the objective of which is to contribute to expanding the scope and improving the quality of electrification of local communities in general especially schools, health centres and centres for the care of vulnerable and disadvantaged people. This programme is part of an approach to social responsibility to which Eneo has been voluntarily committed for more than a decade.

The "Eneo MicroSolar" Programme that was launched in 2020, has so far electrified:

  • 06 integrated health centres since 2020, including 01 in the Adamawa Region, namely the Sabongari Integrated Health Centre electrified in 2021;
  • 02 schools, including 01 in the Adamawa Region, namely the Gandinang Public School electrified in 2018;
  • 03 traditional chieftaincies of which 02 are in the Adamawa Region, namely the traditional chieftaincies of Gandinang 1 and Gandinang 2 electrified in 2018;
  • 02 places of worship in the Adamawa Region, namely the Mosque of Gandinang 1 and the Apostolic Church of Gandinang 2 electrified in 2018

In Sabongari, the chief doctor, Dr Bobo,  says the quality of care has improved and the centre is becoming more attractive. “Eneo installed these solar panels for us. We can now use all our appliances that we could not use before. We have light the whole day. Even when the neighbourhood has no light, even when there are power cuts. The neighbourhood also benefits from the light as people come and charge their phones from time to time. Our patients can go to go to the toilet at night. The whole centre is lit, inside and outside, so it's really a joy for everyone.  Our patients refuse to be referred to other health centres.  The quality of our services has improved. The laboratory works 24 hours a day.  With these solar panels, our equipment works 24 hours a day.”

Star of Hope Foundation, which takes in orphans, is the fourteenth social organisation to benefit from this programme. The selection of Star of Hope Foundation this year is in line with one of Eneo's five priority areas of CSR action, which is Social Solidarity. In fact, Eneo’s CSR mission is in alignment with the profoundly social nature of the actions of this foundation, which provides assistance to vulnerable and disadvantaged children in Ngaoundere and the entire Adamawa Region. We have therefore found it judicious to contribute to a better functioning of the foundation through the improvement of its electrification.

According to Oumarou Hamandjoda, Deputy General Manager of Eneo Cameroon, "Eneo is not only a public utility company through the Concession Agreement. We also have a responsibility as a corporate citizen. This is part of our values. Living in cohesion, in symbiosis with the communities. We are close to consumers, but also close to society in general because we are a company that encourages support, commitment and determination, and it is within this framework that we support all the vulnerable groups.  This human face of the company is one of our pillars.”

The solar photovoltaic equipment donated to Star of Hope Foundation and officially commissioned today is composed of solar panels, modules, charge controllers, inverters, solar batteries and battery accessories, connection cables, junction boxes, protection boxes, earthing devices, LED lighting tubes, exposed sockets, solar street lamps and an illuminated sign. The entire installation is estimated to have an installed capacity of 3,000 Wp, which will be reinforced and increased to 5,000 Wp in the coming weeks to provide Star of Hope Foundation with complete electrical autonomy.

The "Eneo MicroSolar" Programme is in line with Eneo Cameroon's Social Responsibility deployment priorities, which are based on 5 priority areas of action: support for operations or operational efficiency (customer and partner satisfaction); education and decent jobs; safety, health and the environment; community involvement and local development; social solidarity.

Within this framework, in addition to the "Eneo MicroSolar" Programme, major operations have been undertaken in recent years: the construction of boreholes under the "Eneo WASH" Programme, the reinforcement of technical platforms of the Yaounde and Douala General Hospitals, capacity building of municipal councils for the implementation of electrical safety programmes, the recruitment of local labour in projects piloted by Eneo, such as the construction of modular solar power plants in Guider and Maroua. Like the latter projects currently being developed to strengthen the generation capacity of the North, "Eneo MicroSolar" is part of the ecological transition plan developed by Eneo Cameroon. 

About Eneo Cameroon
A driving force in the electricity sector and a major force for growth in Cameroon, Eneo Cameroon's mission is to provide reliable energy and quality service. Based on the values of integrity, cohesion, respect and commitment, since 2014, the company has safely connected more than 700,000 new families and industries bringing the number of its customers to 1.7 million, of which more than 70% are classified in the social category. As such, they benefit from voluntarily advantageous rates.  With an estimated workforce of nearly 3,700 employees, Eneo Cameroon is a public-private partnership company that generates and distributes energy in Cameroon. Conscious of its responsibility, Eneo implements and pilots a range of community support programmes. More information about the company can be found at

 Media contact: Albert Ledoux Yondjeu, 698202957,



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