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Eneo : Filling of the Lagdo Dam and Water Level Management

Eneo Cameroon is hereby informing residents of Garoua and its environs that it will release, between September and October 2022, some of the water in the Lagdo hydroelectric dam. This urgent measure is due to the fact that 91% of the dam has been filled as well as current and future rainfall trends.

In fact, this measure is a safety operation, which entails controlled release of the excess water held in the dam, while ensuring that the dam is optimally filled.

Eneo is appealing to residents who live upstream of the dam to steer clear of areas around the bed of River Benoue, hazardous and flood-prone zones.

The past three years have been marked by a drought that has resulted in distinctly high hydrological deficits in all the Northern regions. For some time now, heavy rains have been witnessed in the aforementioned areas, resulting as such in higher filling of the dam’s reservoir.

This improvement has reduced, since July 2022, the power supply disruptions experienced by households and companies in the Grand North. So far, the interruptions noticed are mainly related to scheduled works or Eneo incidents or other incidents from actors in the sector.

Although the water level has improved, Eneo and regional officials are still on alert given how extremely challenging the past two years have been. The exceptional rains that have fallen this September could endanger the safety of dam facilities, as well as property and people found on the banks of River Benoue.

Eneo would like to thank residents of Garoua and its environs for their support and kind understanding.

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