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Eneo Cameroon S.A. announces the appointment of a new GM at the helm of the company


Yaoundé, March 30, 2022

The Board of Directors acknowledged the contribution of Mr. Eric Mansuy, congratulated the company for its performance in 2021 and appointed a new General Manager.

The Board of Directors of Eneo was held today, March 30, 2022, under the chairmanship of Professor Séraphin Magloire Fouda.

During this meeting, the outgoing General Manager, Mr. Eric Mansuy, presented the management report and the financial statements of the company for the just ended 2021. 

The Board of Directors praised the overall positive performance of the outgoing GM, marked by the significant improvement in the distribution efficiency, the increase in EBITDA, the renewed confidence of the State which has taken strong measures to contribute to the financial recovery of the sector.

During the same Board of Directors meeting, the new General Manager of the company was appointed. Mr. Patrick EECKELERS brings a rich experience in management of energy companies, and more than 30 years at Engie, one of the world's leading electricity supply companies. He will use these assets to improve Eneo's performance, with customer satisfaction as his priority.

For Eric Mansuy, "Managing Eneo Cameroon has been a great experience filled with exciting moments. We benefited from the fact that Eneo is a company with strong fundamentals to bring a particular stone to the building. With its great and committed staff, we can boast of the indicators to date, in the segments for which Eneo is responsible. The challenges are many. Several milestones have been crossed thanks to the Government's commitment to stabilize the sector's finances. This must be continued, because the survival of the sector depends on it."

The Board of Directors also took the following resolutions:

  • Approval of recommendations from Board committees;
  • Approval of the company's new collective bargaining agreement;
  • Mandate given to the General Manager to sign bank facilities used to finance the company's working capital requirements and pay the company's partners.

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Prof. M. Seraphin FOUDA

Download pdf version of communique here 


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