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Professionalisation of subcontracting at Eneo

Eneo Cameroon is professionalising all business operations provided by its partner companies.

The new approach, oriented towards a better customer satisfaction in the long run, now commits all subcontracting companies working with Eneo to ensure that their employees receive:

  • Regulated and attractive pay packages (minimum wages 2 to 3 times higher than the previous average);
  • National Social Insurance Fund subscription;
  • Health insurance coverage;
  • The same conditions of paid leave as for Eneo employees.

Thus, following a call for tenders, tenderers who met the social conditions listed above and had sufficient technical and organisational capacity were selected.

Henceforth, there are 14 companies that will conduct business operations in the 9 Electricity Regions of Eneo Cameroon. These companies are  gradually taking over operations from one agency to another since April 2021.

This progress is accompanied internally at Eneo by the strengthening of the management and supervision system for subcontractor operations, in order to ensure that commitments are met and that orders and payments from these service providers are processed faster.

This reform is part of a set of measures currently being implemented in response to the strong need for improvement of commercial service quality expressed by our customers, especially with regard to the quality of billing and the level of integrity of employees sent to their homes.

The process of professionalising subcontracting is one of the many reforms recommended by the Etats généraux of Eneo's commercial activities held at the end of 2020. It is also part of the "2021, year of customer relations" concept at Eneo. In 2021, Management aims to lay the foundations for a sustainable transformation of customer relations so that the positive effects will be felt by customers in the next few years.


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