Living Conditions Improve in 15 Newly Electrified Localities around Bafoussam


My child performed brilliantly in school thanks to Eneo’s contributionWith the extension of its network to Bamenyam, my child could study in the evening just like children in the city. Unlike what used to happen before, we no longer have to go long distances to charge our phones, get a haircut...” explained a resident of Bamenyam, a village around Bafoussam.

Just like this resident, others from 15 localities that have benefited from the   electricity network extension testify that their living conditions have improved following the investments Eneo made in 202. The 15 localities are Eveche, Marché B, Leproserie, Mebouti, Chefferie Baleng, Voltaire, Tchitchap, Mbe So Mbe, Tapi Baleng, Kamkop Avocatier, Toulouse Face Mairie, Banengo SOC, Mbeng à Bafou, and Bamenyam.

Inhabitants in these localities live off agriculture and trade. Their village’s connection to the electricity network boosts their activities and betters their lives. “Generally, after farm work, I used to trek long distances to charge my phones. I now do that in the village. It enables me stay in touch with my customers, ” reveals Divine Ngwa, a farmer.

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