Briefing note: Service quality during and after AFCON

Electricity service during and after AFCON 2021: Eneo Cameroon extends motion of thanks to customers.

Eneo Cameroon would like to thank all its customers for their support and their contribution to a high-quality electricity coverage during the African Cup of Nations 2021.

Eneo had been preparing for this event for a long time and invested massively to improve the availability of its generation plants and its distribution network. In collaboration with the other actors in the electricity sector, Eneo deployed a contingency plan that was widely supported by the various categories of customers.

This exceptional mobilisation ensured continuity of service in the country, despite the severe constraints on the entire electricity network.

The contribution of customers - your contribution - was especially felt in two ways:

The end of AFCON does translate the end of load shedding for industries. Energy deficit stands and is compounded by :

This situation is currently causing disruptions in the Southern Interconnected Network. Globally, the affected regions include Littoral, South-West, West, North-West, and Centre. The Douala-West corridors are particularly affected by the congestion on the transmission network.

Eneo continues to invest in its generation facilities and distribution network, and is confident that the other players in the electricity sector are taking vital measures to strengthen their facilities, in order to help reduce the inconvenience.

Also, in order for everyone to contribute as effectively as possible to the management of this situation of energy deficit, Eneo Cameroon urges its customers to regularly consult the load shedding schedule on its website, and to manage their consumption as best as possible to avoid wasting energy and to continue to report cases of unplanned outage through its platforms.

Eneo apologises for the inconvenience that this situation is causing to its customers.

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