Tense Situation of Electrical Service in the NIG

Garoua, September 26, 2021 - The electrical system in the Northern Interconnected Grid is again experiencing a severe hydrological shortfall.

The level of water inflow observed on the LAGDO dam reservoir since the beginning of the 2021 floods is particularly low, indicating historically low water conditions in the basin, worse than those recorded last year. The slight improvement observed during the month of August 2021 has, unfortunately, faded very quickly.

This situation limits the generation of the LAGDO plant. The resulting shortfall is aggravated by difficulties in supplying fuel to the thermal power plants of the Northern Interconnected Grid. This current sole alternative requires significant and regular cash flow demands that are constantly increasing, in addition to logistical complexities.

The tight cash flow situation facing the electricity sector is due to the accumulated unpaid bills of some large State-owned enterprises, as well as the non-payment of the weekly one billion by the State usually intended to cover the above-mentioned current expenses.

If the thermal power plants in Djamboutou, Ngaoundéré and Maroua were supplied with fuel on a regular basis, load shedding would be mitigated to some extent, given the low demand in the sector during this period. However, the situation will remain very tense.

While hoping for a positive development and accelerating the emergency thermal/solar projects in Guider and Maroua, Eneo is forced to do load shedding from this Sunday, 26 September 2021.

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