Information Note : Power supply situation in the Grand North and prospects for solar solutions

Garoua, 04 may 2021 - Eneo Cameroon announces that since 12 April 2021, the North Interconnected Grid has witnessed a slight improvement in power supply.

This is due  to better availability of the Djamboutou thermal power plant, the installation of an additional 4 MW in the Ngaoundere thermal power plant and some adjustments that occasionally increases the generation of the Lagdo hydroelectric power plant.

As a result, households have witnessed some improvement in the situation through continuity in power supply from 5 p.m. to 7 a.m., and during the day rationing periods of 5 hours, compared to around 8 hours previously.

The situation remains very fragile due to:

Eneo Cameroon would like to thank its industrial customers who continue to give up most of the power supply they need to contribute in ensuring better power supply to households.

Solar Energy...

Several independent power production projects are also being developed with private investors in Maroua, Guider and Ngaoundere. Eneo has already informed both the Government and the partners concerned about the importance of ensuring that the discussions on these projects are completed as quickly as possible by granting the various permits and other contractual agreements pending between the State, Partners and Funders of these projects.

Before the commissioning of these new solar capacities by third parties, Eneo Cameroon and the Ministry of Water and Energy are fast-tracking the development of modular and mobile solar solutions of 30 MW with storage capacity to be installed in Guider and Maroua by the end of 2021.

Eneo engineers are urgently studying the technical feasibility of these installations to inject the most reliable and sustainable energy possible.

Eneo Cameroon will communicate as soon as possible on developments in the implementation of this project.