Remote payment: Ecobank mobile joins the Eneo galaxy

The speech by the General manager of Eneo, Mr Eric Mansuy during the launching ceremony of new digital solutions for the Payment of electricity bills by Ecobank.

The General Manager of Ecobank,

Leaders of Ecobank and Eneo,

Ladies and gentlemen of the press,

It is with great excitement that Eneo is honouring this invitation to witness the presentation of Ecobank’s multiple solutions to the payment of electricity bills.

Ecobank and Eneo Cameroon share a great experience of collaboration for the development of the electricity sector , and therefore, the national economy.

Our two companies also share a distinct digital vision for the transformation of customer experience.

Ladies and gentlemen

Since 2014, Eneo Cameroon has been resolutely committed to a technological transformation process.

A process that we want to be practical at all levels of our company. Step by step, we can already see the transformation that is taking place in electricity distribution. This is the case, for example, with the mass distribution of smart meters for both prepaid and postpaid customers. 100 thousand prepaid meters will soon be installed in Cameroon. We can also highlight the transformation of customer experience thanks to a range of digital solutions that Eneo Cameroon offers to dematerialise the entire customer path.

From connection to the management of complaints, through the issuance of bills and payment, Eneo offers digital solutions that make life easier for its customers.

In the face of new consumer habits and new demands of a world that is certainly changing; in the face of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we want to be ready and strong. A challenge that requires us to question the status quo every day by turning to innovation that integrates both the human and technological dimensions.

Above all, the payment of electricity bills via approved partners is a real revolution at Eneo. Until recently, almost all payments were made at the cash desks in our agencies. Today, these payments account for about 70% of our collections. This March, we crossed the psychological threshold of 450,000 payments via our partners' system. This victory shows that we are making a successful transition. With Ecobank's mix of payment solutions, we believe we are going to go one step further.

Soon the long queues at our doors will be a thing of the past, and welcome to the era of consum’actors. This remarkable achievement by Eneo would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of all our partners, who work together with us to make their solutions more reliable and secure.

For example, we are experiencing fewer incidents with third-party payments, thanks in particular to our new integration platform, which allows us to monitor the progress of payments in real time and to intervene quickly in the event of a problem to limit the inconvenience for our customers.

Eneo Cameroon is sincerely happy to welcome Ecobank to this great ecosystem of partnerships which already includes some major players. Our presence here today is a sign of confidence. We believe in you and the undeniable advantages of your digital offer. An inclusive solution where everyone is taken into account with a specific offer. From the entrepreneur to the small business owner, including the average person. 

For us, this approach has been and continues to be a solid bulwark against the Covid-19 Crisis. It gives us the assurance that we can adapt to the "next world". This new partnership between Eneo Cameroon and Ecobank prepares us a little more for the future; it strengthens the relationship between our two institutions. We are demonstrating our common will to continue to forge financial and strategic partnerships to accelerate the development of the electricity sector in Cameroon.

We are committed to scaling up our projects to unlock Cameroon's growth potential and play our role as a catalyst for development.

Thank you for your kind attention.

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