Visit of the Minister of Energy and Water Resources (MINEE) to an Eneo customer agency in Douala and improvement of commercial service quality

This Wednesday, 7 April, 2021 around 12:30 p.m, the Eneo Bassa agency had the honour of receiving an unexpected visit of the Minister of Energy and Water Resources, who was accompanied among others by the GM of ARSEL and the DO for WOURI

This action by MINEE is in line with Eneo's approach to improving the quality of its commercial service, for which some rapid-results initiatives are currently being implemented. One of the drivers of this programme is the "Mystery Customer" created to encourage front office staff in the agencies to work towards customer satisfaction at all times.

The Minister and his entourage talked to a number of customers who had come to the agency to submit various complaints. From the persons questioned, four areas of interest emerged:

Handling of customer complaints that were reported to the Minister

The two main complaints concerned the suspension of power supply whereas the customers claimed they had not received any bills. The agency reinstated power supply to one of customers but maintained the disconnection fee for the other one who had already accumulated two months of unpaid bills. 

Observations of the Minister and ARSEL

After listening to customers and assessing their itinerary, and upon examining the management operations records, the Minister and the General Manager of ARSEL made the following recommendations:

Ongoing commercial service quality improvement programs at Eneo

The recommendations made by MINEE and ARSEL are already taken into account in the service quality improvement program under implemented at Eneo following its Commercial Department annual  meeting organized at the end of 2020. Some key points included:

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