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Visit of the Minister of Energy and Water Resources (MINEE) to an Eneo customer agency in Douala and improvement of commercial service quality

This Wednesday, 7 April, 2021 around 12:30 p.m, the Eneo Bassa agency had the honour of receiving an unexpected visit of the Minister of Energy and Water Resources, who was accompanied among others by the GM of ARSEL and the DO for WOURI

This action by MINEE is in line with Eneo's approach to improving the quality of its commercial service, for which some rapid-results initiatives are currently being implemented. One of the drivers of this programme is the "Mystery Customer" created to encourage front office staff in the agencies to work towards customer satisfaction at all times.

The Minister and his entourage talked to a number of customers who had come to the agency to submit various complaints. From the persons questioned, four areas of interest emerged:

  • Suspension of power supply whereas customers claimed they have not received any bill;
  • Handling of complaints;
  • Delays in the execution of connections;
  • Customer itinerary

Handling of customer complaints that were reported to the Minister

The two main complaints concerned the suspension of power supply whereas the customers claimed they had not received any bills. The agency reinstated power supply to one of customers but maintained the disconnection fee for the other one who had already accumulated two months of unpaid bills. 

Observations of the Minister and ARSEL

After listening to customers and assessing their itinerary, and upon examining the management operations records, the Minister and the General Manager of ARSEL made the following recommendations:

  • Proper keeping of complaint management records;
  • Proper keeping of connection management records;
  • Draw the attention of subcontracting partners in charge of disconnections/reconnections on the treatment of customers in the field;
  • Systematically distribute physical bills;
  • Respect the 20-day processing time for complaints, send correspondence to customers, have it acknowledged and filed;
  • Improve signs in the agency to facilitate the customer itinerary, including a single desk dedicated to complaints.

Ongoing commercial service quality improvement programs at Eneo

The recommendations made by MINEE and ARSEL are already taken into account in the service quality improvement program under implemented at Eneo following its Commercial Department annual  meeting organized at the end of 2020. Some key points included:

  • A reform for the professionalization of subcontracting partners with the long-term aim of improving the quality of meter-reading services, distribution of bills and better supervision of disconnection/reconnection operations for unpaid bills. This reform commits in particular the managers of partner companies to consistently improve the remuneration and living conditions of their employees. It also provides for close monitoring of services by Eneo.
  • While working to improve the distribution of physical bills, Eneo should provide customers with digital solutions to check, pay and file their bills and receipts without having to travel.
  • Modernization of metering devices: nearly 100 000 prepaid meters installed to date, to give beneficiaries control over their consumption. These customers no longer talk about bills not received, or suspension of power supply for unpaid bills.
  • Development and activation of an online processing solution for connection requests.
  • Gradual implementation of the new agency charter which addresses the problem of configuring and organizing our agencies for an optimized customer itinerary. The new Nkolbisson agency in Yaounde is respecting this charter.



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