First phase of works to improve the power supply to the neighbourhoods of Yaounde North and SOA

Eneo Cameroon informs its customers in Yaounde North that it will launch the first phase of works to reinforce the distribution lines that power the area from 19 to 26 March 2021.

The aim is to start improving electricity service in the following communities: SOA, NKOLFOULOU, FOUGEROL, MONTEE SAPLAIT, NGOULMEKONG, NGOUSSO, ABATTOIR, EMANA, MESSASSI, NKOLONDOM, FACE GYNECO, TSINGA VILLAGE and environs, etc.

For the safety of the teams and the population, electricity service will be temporarily disrupted during these works.

Eneo wishes to inform the public that after this first phase, other works will follow over the next six months, to reinforce the network on a long-term basis and to reduce the frequency and duration of service interruptions in a consistent manner.

These operations are part of the company's investments for 2021, and consist, in general, in:

✅ Constructing 15 km of new lines with a mix of concrete and wood poles

✅ Creating four new electricity distribution stations;

✅ Installing several backup devices in case of incidents.

Eneo would like to thank its customers in the affected areas for their patience with the inconvenience caused by the works.


NB : Please consult the programme of works regularly online at

Please contact Eneo on its platforms in case an outage in your area does not correspond to the programme of planned works.