Adamawa: S.D.O. of Mbere visits D31 line at Meiganga

" I came here today to see for myself. And, I am satisfied. We have seen that some of the poles have been replaced while others are being replaced. " Nouhou Bello, S.D.O. of Mbere.

It was during an inspection visit conducted on 04 July 2020 that the S.D.O. of Mbere got a close look at the progress of the work to replace critical poles with wood or concrete poles.

250 poles are being injected for a start. The operation, which will last about two months, will help stabilise the line, which runs from Ngaoundere to Meiganga and powers several communities along the way.

By the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021, Eneo hopes to build this line entirely out of concrete poles.

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