COVID 19-Briefing Note N°2: Optimization of Digital Solutions for Customer Satisfaction

The digitalization of our services and trades is an essential component of our corporate transformation. As a matter of fact, many digital services developed at Eneo are beneficial both for our customers and partner companies.

The current health context is so timely for the further popularization of these tools, as we work to offer our customers an attractive digital experience such that together we can resolutely embark the digital aircraft. Our ambition is to accelerate the digitalization of our entire commercial process to ensure efficient operability.

As a matter fact, in order to limit movements and, of course, contacts, Eneo urges its customers to use, as a matter of preference, its dematerialised services:

Eneo vouches for the security of payments of electricity bills via its partners. Its services have completed and rolled out an application that instantly takes into account the electronic payments of bills. This will prevent disconnections for unpaid bills for those who had paid their bills before the deadline (10 days after the bill is issued online) via our approved partners.

All payments via our partners are entitled to Eneo receipts via

If going to the agency turns out to be inevitable, an adapted reception environment is progressively being put in place. It is obligatory for the customer to wear their protective mask when going there, in strict compliance with government’s instructions.