The line serving Mbalmayo and surrounding villages reconnected after 05 years of power outage

The destruction of the facilities that carried the "D33" line serving the town of Mbalmayo and surroundings was caused by the Nyong water current that damaged the wooden poles supporting the structure.

" Every day, we had at least two interruptions of water supply in the city of Yaoundé" Dzana Lucien Magloire, MINEE Departmental Delegate.

To better serve Mbalmayo and the surrounding villages, Eneo used the "D32" line. The line is primarily dedicated to provide electricity to Akomnyada Camwater pumping station, the main water supply source for the city of Yaoundé.

For 05 years, the line was overloaded, with consequences in the quality of electrical service and water distribution by Camwater in the city of Yaounde. Today, everything is back to normal.  On nearly 6 km, Eneo has implanted concrete poles and reconnected the D33 line to reinforce its installations. "This structure has the advantage of resisting bushfires, making the lines stronger and facing the vegetation that grows" Michel Mbopda, Regional Director South Mbalmayo.