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Information Note: Eneo Cameroon (Eneo) and the Cameroon Real Estate Company (SIC) sign a partnership agreement for the modernization and safeguarding of electrical installations in SIC houses

Douala - 7 February 2019

 As part of efforts to modernize and safeguard electrical installations in our cities and in line with the commitments made by Eneo Cameroon to the State of Cameroon, Eneo and the Cameroon Real Estate Company (SIC) have just signed a partnership agreement.

Joel Nana Kontchou, General Manager of Eneo Cameroon and Gabriel Bengono, General Manager of SIC officially started the implementation of their agreement through the launch at the G IMPAIR Block of camp SIC Makepe this Thursday, 7 February 2019, of a campaign for the installation of prepaid meters in SIC houses Douala. The main goals of the agreement concluded between the two companies comprise:

  • migration to the prepaid metering system of electricity consumption in of customers in SIC houses
  • installation of prepaid meters when making connections to new houses on apartments blocks
  • rehabilitation of electrical installations of buildings by raising them to the new and safer standards
  • alignment of new SIC housing projects to new electrical installations standards

Put in place at the request of CLC, the partnership agreement which was signed on the request of SIC seeks to provide practical solutions to a number of problems experienced by residents of these houses. This include among other things, fires related to the manipulation of electrical installations, the cankerworm of unpaid bills left by some former unscrupulous tenants, inaccurate retrieval of consumption indexes, queues in agencies at crowding times, various challenges to electricity’s bills etc..

By implementing this agreement, Eneo Cameroon and SIC are effectively concretizing their common will to prevent fires and protect the public against the dangers of electricity, safeguard electrical installations of these buildings, keep them safe and improve the satisfaction of their common customer who is the SIC tenant.

At the heart of this solution, the installation of prepaid meters in SIC houses in Douala and Yaounde is one of the technological devices for the modernization and transformation of electrical service (see attached file on the Eneo prepaid meter) initiated by Eneo Cameroon . Thus , the company has already begun to respect some of the commitments recently made through the signing of 3th amendment to the Concession Agreement with the State of Cameroon which binds both parties. These are mainly commitments made for the modernization of operations, popularization of smart meters (Post or Prepaid), improvement of safety and the quality of service.

These are guidelines that are in line with the service transformation initiative launched by Eneo Cameroon in the last four years, and one of the components is modernization using new technologies and one component of which is the modernization of infrastructure and customer service


About Eneo Cameroon

A driving force in the electrical energy sector and a major catalyst for growth in Cameroon, Eneo Cameroon has as mission to supply reliable energy and to provide service quality while positioning itself as a governance model in Africa.  To accomplish this mission, four values guide our daily activities: integrity, cohesion, respect and commitment.

Eneo currently has 1,250,000 customers across the 10 regions of the country and every year it connects on average 100,000 new families and companies to the electricity grid

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A step furthermore in the dynamics of strengthening of the energy offer in Cameroon

The english version of this text will be soon available.L’Etat du Cameroun; EDF; IFC Banque mondia

Communication of the Managing Director of Eneo Cameroon S.A at the IPAD conference

.The english version of this text will be soon available.Joël Nana Kontchou face à une centaine de

Emergency works further to an incident on the transport line Bekoko-Nkongsamba-Bamenda

Eneo Cameroon informs its customers in the West and North-West Regions that an incident occurred on

Transport line Bekoko-Nkongsamba: acceleration of the works for a return to normal on Wenesday, January 13th at the latest

Following the incident that occurred on Monday 11 January 2015 on the  90 KV Bekoko- Nkongsamba-Bam


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