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About Eneo prepaid meters

About Eneo prepaid meters


The digital revolution is transforming the life of companies. Accelerating changes at Eneo by leveraging the promise of technology has impacted various aspects of the company's business and the experience of our customers. Smart meters are one of the technological solutions used in the transformation process of the electrical service launched since 2019. Prepaid smart meters offer the customer a strong power of control over their electricity consumption, over their budget and, above all, make life easier for customers by eliminating several compelling steps in their relations with Eneo.

During the initial pilot phase of prepaid-meter implementation in the Douala South area (New-Bell), 500 meters were installed. This made it possible to determine the conditions for the success of this new mode of consumption and metering.

The agreement between Eneo and the SIC, as well as the launch of a meter migration operation in the area of Bonapriso recently will accelerate the implementation of the Eneo prepaid operation and thus pave the way for its extension.



16 reasons, at least, to migrate to the prepaid mode and gain peace and control in your relation with Eneo

  • No Eneo meter-readers visiting your home
  • No disconnections for unpaid bills
  • No Reconnection fees
  • No consumption deposit
  • Simplified subscription
  • Refill at will
  • Immediate reconnection after refill
  • No stress of Payment Deadline
  • No monthly bills
  • No challenging of reading
  • No removal of meter after every change of tenant
  • Independence in consumption management
  • Easier energy savings
  • Better control over consumption
  • Better anticipation: you only pay for what you want to consume
  • No surprises


Where can one buy electricity credit?

  • At your local Eneo agency
  • An soon through Orange Money







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