Douala North Power Supply Stabilization Work 

Eneo Cameroon announces to its Douala North customers that its technicians will carry out, on Sunday 13 May 2018, some major works on the transmission lines and transformer substation serving them.

The purpose of the works is for technicians to prune vegetation around the lines, resolve all defects observed at the Makepe substation and carry out routine inspections. These operations will help to reduce the risk of occurrence of incidents that might cause prolonged power failures.

These operations planned from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. will cause power outage in the Douala 5th District, notably in the neighbourhoods of: Logbessou, Logpom, Makepe, Kotto, Bonamoussadi, Mbangue, Lendi, Bepanda, PK 14 at Bonepoupa. 

 Eneo advises all its affected customers to:

Any information on planned works is available on