Incident at Bamenda substation: Work to be completed on Thursday, 8th March at 8am

Following the incident that occurred this Wednesday at the Bamenda transformer substation, an in-depth check was conducted by a team of technicians, which identified a defect in the power transformer installed in this substation. Based on their evaluation, the repairs that are ongoing should be completed this Thursday by 8am.

To mitigate the impact of this incident on the population, Eneo made some adjustments in its distribution system since 11am, to supply 20% of its customers in Bamenda and Mbouda via a backup line supplied from the Bafoussam substation.

The other localities in the North West, including Bamenda, Mamfe and Mbouda are not supplied.

Eneo recommends its customers in the localities concerned to unplug all delicate appliances and plug them 15 minutes after electricity is restored.

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