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A new power transformer commissioned in Mbalmayo Substation

As part of its actions to improve service quality in the different regions of the country, Eneo Cameroon announces the execution of major works at the Mbalmayo supply substation on Sunday 5 November 2017, from midnight to 7pm.

Actually, the work consists in installing and operating a transformer of 36 MVA, to replace the existing and overloaded 20 MVA.

Furthermore, our teams will seize this opportunity to carry out the following additional work: replacement and repair of damaged parts in the substations, replacement of rotten wood poles, implantation of metal poles, felling of trees along the corridor of the Medium Voltage Distribution lines, and extraction of Indian bamboo stumps and raffia clumps.

The operation of this bigger capacity transformer will improve voltage levels in the towns of Mbalmayo, Ebolowa and Sangmelima. It will equally serve in connecting new customers to Eneo network, such as the new CDE pumping station.

Throughout the work and to ensure the safety of the population, the localities below will be disconnected: Ebolowa, Mbalmayo, Mfou, Bikok, Essazok, Metet, Zoétélé, Sangmélima, Meyomessala, Meyomessi, Mvangan, Mengueme, Ngoulemakong, Mengong, Biwong-Bane, Efoulan, Ngomedzap, Mvengue and Lolodorf.

The localities affected will be reconnected progressively as from 7pm. Eneo urges its customers in the localities concerned to unplug all delicate appliances and only plug those 15 minutes after electricity is restored.

For more information on these operations, electricity safety and energy saving tips, kindly visit our website: or call 8010, our Customer Care Centre.

The Regional Director for South and Mbalmayo


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