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03 questions from the press to JNK: "the hybrid solution generates savings..."

« This solution generates savings in financial terms and ensures safety in power supply … »

Why did you go for hybrid generation instead of just solar?
Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages. Solar is suitable when there is sun. In case of no sunshine, you have problems. Hydro is very good when there is water, but if the dry season is severe and you have no water, that's a problem.

Hybrid solutions allow you to take advantage of both sources and to be able to modulate your power. That is, when you have power peaks at peak times, you can have extra power that comes from the thermal. In the same way, when you do not have enough sunshine, you cannot have solar energy and in such a case the thermal is a good backup.

We also believe that this solution helps us to save money and ensure safe power supply. That is why we think this option is the best.

We are talking about seven sites where studies have been conducted to test these types of power plants. Can we have an idea of what it costs in terms of investment?
These 7 sites were rather the most favourable for the construction of hybrid plants and not for experimentation. It is Djoum that is our experimentation site; it is from this pilot site that we will learn everything: should the panels be oriented to the North, South, or East to West? Is the proper inclination 10 ° or 15 °? What types of modulators should I use? How long does it take to clean the panels every week; every month or every year?

This is the information we are getting today and we will also calculate what the benefits of such information. We will go beyond the identified sites and we will see all the remote localities that need electricity, and we will propose solutions.

But it must be said that electricity belongs to us all. All those who can contribute to improving the well-being of the population are welcome. So we encourage private investors, public entities, and all Cameroonians to take an interest in solar energy. And, if they need our support, we will be ready to put hands on deck with them.

You announced 25 MW in the Grand North about a year ago; can we already have the timeline of these projects?
The timeline has been announced in the Grand North and it will be more than 25 MW eventually. Since my last visit to the Grand North, we made the commitment to build a power plant in the Adamawa. The call for tenders is in progress and their opening is scheduled for 15 February 2018. The time frames for the works are in principle 12 months. Therefore, we believe that these plants will be commissioned between March and April 2019.

A step furthermore in the dynamics of strengthening of the energy offer in Cameroon

The english version of this text will be soon available.L’Etat du Cameroun; EDF; IFC Banque mondia

Communication of the Managing Director of Eneo Cameroon S.A at the IPAD conference

.The english version of this text will be soon available.Joël Nana Kontchou face à une centaine de

Emergency works further to an incident on the transport line Bekoko-Nkongsamba-Bamenda

Eneo Cameroon informs its customers in the West and North-West Regions that an incident occurred on

Transport line Bekoko-Nkongsamba: acceleration of the works for a return to normal on Wenesday, January 13th at the latest

Following the incident that occurred on Monday 11 January 2015 on the  90 KV Bekoko- Nkongsamba-Bam


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