Increasing Power System safety

In order to improve its service quality, Eneo Cameroon S.A announces to its customers that it will, on Sunday 28 January 2018, carry out some major work on the transmission network according to the following schedule :   

Measures will be taken to limit power outage duration and the number of customers without electricity, mainly in the town of Maroua where Eneo will make use of the thermal plant.

Eneo advises all those affected to :
• Use other sources of energy, if need be,
• Unplug all vulnerable appliances, and to reconnect them at least 15 mn after the effective restoration of power.

Eneo maintains, regarding the reinforcement of the distribution network, that some minor projects (Replacement of wood poles and transformers. Change of cables, etc…) have been scheduled for some localities. To know if any of such projects has been planned for your locality, please visit Works & Cuts.

For futher information and tips on electricity safety and energy saving please go to our website : or call our Customer Relations Center on 8010.