Preparation Work for End of Year Celebrations

Eneo Cameroon S.A informs its customers in the Littoral, West, South West, and North West regions that it will, in the night of Friday to Saturday 02 December 2017, from midnight to 7 a.m. carry out some major work on its transmission and distribution networks. The main site concerned is the Bekoko-Bonaberi grid substation, which is an essential facility in the power system of these 4 regions.

In line with the annual maintenance plan, the Bonaberi work concerns high voltage facilities, with the replacement of defective parts and routine checks. Thus through this substation Eneo Cameroon is launching its preparation programme for end of year celebrations.

During the work, measures will be taken to limit the power outage period and the number of customers affected.  In order to know the effect in your locality, please go to: Travaux et Coupures. 

Eneo however advises the companies affected to use their alternative energy sources.

For further information and energy saving and safety tips visit our website: or call our Customer Relations Centre on 8010.