Return to service of the power transformer (50 MVA) at the Bafoussam substation

In order to improve on its service quality, Eneo Cameroon SA hereby informs its customers in the West Region that it is going to carry out on Sunday 12 November 2017, from midnight to 6pm works on the return to service of the power transformer (50 MVA) at the Bafoussam substation, recently uninstalled following a serious incident.

Technical teams are going to dismantle the 36 MVA transformer presently operational and connect the 50 MVA transformer. These operations aim at improving the voltage and continuity of service in localities linked to this facility i.e. Mbouda, Dschang, Bagangté, Bafoussam, Foumban , Baham, Bandjoun, Bandja , Batie and  environs.

During the execution of these works, customers of these areas will witness interruptions in electricity supply.

Measures will be taken to limit the outage duration and the number of customers without electricity. Eneo calls on its customers concerned to:
• Activate their alternative sources of energy, where necessary,
• Disconnect all sensitive appliances and to reconnect them only 15 minutes following effective return of current .

For more information as well as safety and energy saving tips visit our website : or call our Customer Care Centre at 8010.