Incident sur la ligne Edéa - Dizangué (2)

An incident occurred, on 13 September, on the medium voltage line serving the Edéa 2, Dizangué, Mbambou, Mbongo, and Mouanko localities.

This incident caused a power failure in these localities. 

Eneo technicians have since been mobilized to resolve the situation. Some repairs on the network made it possible to restore power in some localities such as Edéa 2. As for the rest, the intervention work proved somewhat more difficult due to the poor state of roads; a situation worsened by bad weather. 

Several technical missions dispatched with new logistic means were obliged to turn back due to the impassable state of the main road and the available deviations. 

These missions will return once the state of the road improves, especially with the return of sunny weather.