Electricity: 10 additional Megawatts for the Northern Interconnected Grid

Maroua 29 August 2017.  

Eneo Cameroon annonce announces that it has successfully commissioned a new thermal power plant in Maroua that is capable of delivering a maximum power of 10 MW .

This facility is intended to supply power to the NIG (Northern Interconnected Grid). The power plant is part of efforts to ensure electricity supply/demand balance in the region. Moreover, it offers a real opportunity to contribute in boosting safety on the NIG, in addition to the Lagdo dam and the Djamboutou thermal power plant

According to Hamadou Bivoung, Director of Generation of Eneo Cameroon, "By commissioning this thermal power plant in Maroua, Eneo Cameroon is translating into reality the commitment made on May 29, 2017, during the visit to the Lagdo Power plant by the Minister of Energy and Water Resources. In 2018, the contribution of the Maroua plant will therefore be crucial. After the installation of 20 MW of thermal capacity in Djamboutou, the Maroua thermal power plant is in line with the implementation of Eneo’s emergency plan for the northern region. The next step will comprise the implementation of a 35 MW solar plan included in this programme."

For the Regional Director of Eneo for the North, the Far North and Adamawa (DRNEA), this power plant is a true relief. Bassoro Hayatou emphasized that "Its contribution will help to reduce by at least 80% the rationing of electrical energy witnessed in 2017". 

Over the past three years, Eneo Cameroon's investment in generation has made it possible to provide the country with new capacities including, 50 MW gas-fired at Logbaba Douala, rehabilitation works that resulted in availability gains of 15 MW at the Edea plant, and +33 MW at the Limbe plant, bringing in an additional 84 MW, to mention only these key examples.

Overall, the whole system benefited from an additional 130 MW.

Joel Nana Kontchou, General Manager of Eneo Cameroon, said: "The timely commissioning of this thermal power plant is the fruit of the partnership established with Aggreko Cameroon and we look forward to strengthening it in order to maintain the exceptional performance of our power plants when we need them. Our efforts will continue not only with the installation of solar power but also the improvement of the capacity of the Eastern Region, where 6 MW will be added by the end of 2017. "

Eneo Cameroon's commitment is to resort to the best available technologies to optimize and increase the energy efficiency of its generation facilities. With the on-going investment plan, Eneo Cameroon will concentrate its efforts on service quality, in particular on challenges such as wood poles, overloaded cables and transformers; in short, on the distribution network which badly needs both significant resources and expertise.

About Eneo Cameroon
As a driving force in the electricity sector and a major growth catalyst in Cameroon, Eneo Cameroon has as mission to provide reliable energy and quality service while positioning itself as a model of governance in Africa. Building on the values of integrity, cohesion, respect and commitment, since 2014, the company has safely connected 315 000 new families and industries. At the end of June 2017, unserved energy dropped by 31% compared to the same period in 2016. With an estimated workforce of 3 700 employees and a portfolio of more than one million and one hundred and fifty thousand customers, Eneo Cameroon is a public-private partnership that generates and distributes energy in Cameroon. For more information about the company, go to :  https://eneocameroon.cm/index.php/en/welcome

About Aggreko
Aggreko, a renowned British company, is the world leader in providing turnkey solutions for power generation. Aggreko employs more than 7 500 people worldwide. Its headquarters in Central Africa is in Douala.

Apart from mining, oil and industrial companies, Aggreko works very closely with public utilities. Aggreko is currently supporting several African countries, such as Gabon, with 45 MW of natural gas and 15 MW of diesel, Côte d'Ivoire with 200 MW of natural gas or Chad with 20 MW of heavy-fuel oil generation.

Aggreko solutions have the advantage of being deployable very quickly, for periods adapted to the needs of its customers. Thus, without investment, Aggreko customers benefit in a few weeks from reliable and quality energy at very competitive prices.

For more information about the company, go to www.africa.aggreko.com

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