Enhancing Power Supply in the North

As part of its actions to improve service quality, Eneo Cameroon S.A informs its customers of Gashiga & Bokle that

On Sunday 9 July 2017, it will carry out some major works in the transformer substation of Garoua from 6am to 5pm.

The work consists in replacing faulty parts and some routine inspection.

As such, the localities of Gashiga & Bokle will be without power supply throughout this operation.

However, measures will be taken to limit the duration of the interruption and the number of customers not supplied. Eneo urges its customers in the localities concerned to turn on their alternative sources of electricity where necessary, unplug all delicate appliances and only plug the latter 15 minutes after electricity is restored. 

For more information and our safety and energy-saving tips, visit our Website: www.eneocameroon.cm, or call our Customer Care Centre at 8010.

The Regional Director for the North, Far north and Adamaoua
Bassoro Hayatou.