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Beefing up electricity supply: Two new power transformers to be connected in Yaounde

In order to improve its service quality,   Eneo Cameroon S.A hereby informs its customers in Yaounde, Centre and South that it is going to execute,  

on Saturday 8 July and Sunday 9 July 2017, work related to the connection of two new state-of-the-art power transformers at the Oyomobang Interconnection Station.  The connection work will also include, on Sunday 9 July, intensive maintenance work at the Ngousso substation and on the Mangombé –Oyomabang transmission line with a risk of disruption of electricity supply from 6 am to 2.30pm..

Nature of work
Benefit Localities/
Neighbourh oods affected
Yaounde,Centre & South
Date Time
08/07/17 00AM-04PM
Oyomabang Interconnexion Station
  • Connection of 02 new transformers of 35MVA each
  • Beefing up of service;
    Availability of stand-by transformers
Yaounde,Centre & South
Date Time
09/07/17 6AM - 2.30PM
Ngousso substation
Mangombé-Oyomabang( 225 KV) line
  • Pruning;
  • Removal of bird nests;
  • Electrical repairs 
  • Reduction of risks of incidents
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During the execution of work, measures will be taken to limit the service outage duration and the number of customers without electricity. Eneo urges its customers in the localities concerned to turn on their alternative sources of energy, where necessary, to disconnect sensitive appliances and to reconnect them only 15 minutes following the effective return of current.

Eneo hereby informs the public that distribution network reinforcement related works, small tworks (Replacement of wood poles or transformers; Change of cables, etc…) are scheduled in neighbourhoods and localities. In order to know whether this type of work is scheduled in your neighbourhood/locality, please visit Works & Cuts

More information on safety and energy saving tips can be found at our website :, or call ourCustomer Service Centre on 8010


A step furthermore in the dynamics of strengthening of the energy offer in Cameroon

The english version of this text will be soon available.L’Etat du Cameroun; EDF; IFC Banque mondia

Communication of the Managing Director of Eneo Cameroon S.A at the IPAD conference

.The english version of this text will be soon available.Joël Nana Kontchou face à une centaine de

Emergency works further to an incident on the transport line Bekoko-Nkongsamba-Bamenda

Eneo Cameroon informs its customers in the West and North-West Regions that an incident occurred on

Transport line Bekoko-Nkongsamba: acceleration of the works for a return to normal on Wenesday, January 13th at the latest

Following the incident that occurred on Monday 11 January 2015 on the  90 KV Bekoko- Nkongsamba-Bam


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