Electricity Service improvement works in Yaoundé and Surrounding cities

Eneo announces some major emergency works on its main transmission and distribution facilities on Monday, 26th December, from 0600 a.m.

Work will be carry out on the Mangombe – Oyomabang transmission line as well as at our Ngousso substation, where we are replacing an overloaded 36 MVA transformer by a new one of 50 MVA. 

Power will gradually be restored between 1200 and 1800 p.m.

To the Centre and South regions customers affected by those works, Eneo recommends to activate alternative energy sources if necessary, as well as to unplug all delicate appliances and to reconnect them only 15 minutes after effective power restoration.

More information regarding the list of town and cities affected as well as our safety and saving tips are available on our website: www.eneocameroon.cm, by calling us on 8010, or throught our Online Customer Service.

Eneo wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Smart Happy New Year 2017 with MyEasyLight.