Teaching of electrical safety in schools: Far North Region on a firm footing

Following the workshop on the building of capacities of MINESEC Regional Pedagogic Inspectors on Electrical Safety at the Ombe Human Resource Training Centre, a training seminar was organized 

on 23 May 2016 at the Maroua Bilingual High School under the auspices of Mr Mahama Mahamat, Far-North Regional Delegate for Secondary Education in the presence of a strong delegation from Eneo led by Mr Robert Medere, Safety Coordinator at the Far North Regional Delegation. 

Generally, the seminar aimed at providing the 56 facilitators and pedagogic experts with the wherewithal to integrate electrical safety in the various pedagogic programmes and in the teaching of civic education, physics, chemistry and technology. Five specific objectives were defined and presented: the health, financial and social consequences of electrical accidents involving pupils, appraisal of electric accidents in the Far North, Eneo safety policy and actions undertaken vis-à-vis pupils and « Safety in Schools : presentation of the contents of the module on safety to be introduced in the school curriculum ».

Closing the seminar, the Far North Delegate for Secondary Education conferred on participants the role of safety ambassadors and urged all pedagogic advisers to integrate in their curricula the contents mentioned above as from the next academic year and to create electrical safety clubs in schools.