A New Power Transformer will be delivered to Eneo by end June 2016. Two others will follow by February 2017

A joint high-level delegation comprising the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Eneo Cameroon and SONATREL visited the JST factories in Lyon, France, from 24 to 26 April 2016. This company is the service provider that is in charge of manufacturing and delivering three power transformers ordered by Eneo and delivery is expected between June 2016 and February 2017.

The delegation consisted of Joel Nana Kontchou, GM Eneo, Manaouda Malachi, Secretary General Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Mbemi Nyaknga, GM SONATREL, Ruben Minla'a Mengue, Deputy GM SONATREL and Philippe Feudjio, Sub-Director in charge of transformer maintenance at Eneo.

At the end of the visit, JST undertook to deliver the first transformer by the end of June and to accelerate the production of two other transformers, thereby shortening the initial contractual deadlines. The three transformers will cost CFA 2 billion francs. 

With the 3 single-phase 225/90/15 kV 35MVA transformers, each will form a bench with a total capacity of 105 MVA. This will be used to replace the old bench at the Oyomabang substation which is in a critical condition with a limited transit capacity of 80% of its power rating. The two benches will increase the capacity from the current 168 MVA to 210 MVA, ie an additional capacity of 42 MVA. This will have the effect of improving the safety of the facility and flexibility in its operations. The three transformers will be installed progressively between July 2016 and March 2017.

Eneo will continue to work with the Government and the National Transmission Company (SONATREL) to strengthen the current network which is known to be fragile.

Devant le transformateur devant arriver fin juin 2016, de gauche à droite : Philippe Feudjio, Sous-Directeur en charge de la Maintenance des Transformateurs Eneo Cameroo; Manaouda Malachie, SG MINEE; Ruben Minla'a Mengue, DGA sonatrel; Mbemi Nyaknga, DG SONATREL; Arnaud Pattou, Directeur Commercial JST; Joël Nana Kontchou, DG Eneo Cameroon