Progressive return to normal of electricity supply in the Centre and South Regions

Eneo Cameroon informs its customers in the Centre and South Regions that Sunday 20 March 2016 marked the end of work on the installation and commissioning of a backup transformer at the Oyomabang substation. The operation involved transferring:

Upon completion of work on Sunday evening, electricity supply will return to normal in a progressive manner in the Centre and South Regions.

Nevertheless, the network will be under close surveillance since it might be exposed to possible localized disruptions. In the event of renewed power cuts in their respective neighbourhoods, customers should call Eneo Customer Care Centre at 8010.

In collaboration with public authorities and the Société Nationale de Transport (SONATREL), Eneo will not relent in its efforts aimed at reinforcing the present network.

To this end, 03 new transformers recently ordered will be delivered between June 2016 and February 2017 then installed progressively at Oyomabang and in other currently overloaded transformer substations.

The incident of 12 March 2016 is a reminder that it is imperative to undertake major investments in generation, transmission and distribution in order to ensure a stable, reliable and sustainable electricity supply.

Eneo hereby thanks its customers for their patience and their support during these difficult moments.


COO for Technical Activities


Download the information note relative to progressive return to normal at Yaounde march 20, 2016