Critical situation of the electrical network in the Centre and South Regions

An incident occurred on Saturday 12 March 2016 at 2pm at the transformer station at Oyomabang in Yaounde. One of the 02 (Two) 225/90KV power transformers tripped due to an internal fault. Diagnosis revealed that this transformer is seriously damaged and cannot be used, thus occasioning at the same time a capacity shortfall of almost 70 MW.

In order to limit the impact of this major incident on the continuity of service, the Oyomabang, Mbalmayo and Ebolowa thermal power plants have been called up. Since the input of these power plants cannot cover the entire shortfall thus generated, certain neighbourhoods in Yaounde and localities in the Centre and South Regions are powered following a rotating mode in accordance with time slots.
In view of this situation, the Management of the company has taken the following decisions:

 Review of the operating pattern so as to optimize the 90 KV Edea – Yaounde secondary line,
 Suspension of supply disconnection maintenance works, which are considered not critical,
 Speeding up of formalities for the purchase of new transformers, of which orders have been placed,
 Rolling out of a three-month electricity supply provisional management plan up till the arrival and installation of new transformers.

Within the framework of this provisional plan, a backup transformer was brought immediately to Yaounde on 14/03/16; work on its rehabilitation is ongoing at Oyomabang and its commissioning is scheduled for Tuesday 22 March 2016. Furthermore, thanks to the public authorities, the thermal power plant at Ahala started functioning once more on 14/03/16.
These solutions have helped in reducing load shedding in the Centre and South Regions to less than 50 MW.
Complete return to normalcy will be observed as from the completion of rehabilitation work on the backup transformer, billed for next Tuesday.
Eugène Ngueha
COO Technical Activities