Press Release : Sensitisation on the dangers of electricity

Sensitisation on the dangers of electricity: Eneo is targeting 350 000 students and pupils during the Youth Week

Douala, 08 February 2016- On the occasion of the Youth Week, Eneo Cameroon shall organise a sensitisation campaign in primary schools and colleges on the dangers of electricity.  

All 3750 Eneo employees will be deployed in the nine regions of the company on 8, 9 and 10 February 2016 to educate pupils and students on measures to take to avoid accidents. The objective of this sensitisation campaign is to educate 350 000 pupils and students throughout the country, each region having to reach out to at least 35 000 pupils and students. It will entail calling on these youths and their entourage to:
• Avoid any cable lying on the ground;
• Avoid playing close to electrical cables;
• Avoid having TV antennas close to electrical lines;
• Avoid pruning trees crossing electrical cables;
• Where possible, disconnect electricity supply on the meter by pressing the circuit breaker in case of an accident;
• Always inform Eneo Cameroon of unsafe conditions by calling 8010 or via the address

To avoid electricity-related accidents in the public, Eneo reinforces its distribution network on a yearly basis, and increases sensitisation campaigns in the communities.

In 2015, 57 000 damaged wood poles in the distribution network were replaced or repaired, against 25 000 in 2014.

In this same year, 464 891 persons were sensitised in schools and communities, against 185 148 persons in 2014.

These joint efforts helped to reduce the number of fatalities in the public from 25 to 12 between 2014 and 2015.

On 22 January 2016, two pupils of St-Jean Baptiste d'OBAN primary school, situated some 3Km from Nkol-Ebaï in the Centre region, died after coming in contact with a Medium Voltage cable that had disconnected from the pole. They were returning home from school. Not aware of the danger, one of them tried to have a swing with the cable... The two children died. Two deaths too many for our company. "This tragic situation is a challenge to us all and we cannot be indifferent to it ", believes Joël Nana Kontchou, General Manager of Eneo Cameroon.

Eneo firmly believes that raising our awareness collectively on this danger will significantly eliminate it. Youths must no longer be victims but drivers of this awareness. 


Eneo, committed to supplying reliable energy and providing quality service

As the driving force of the electricity sector and catalyst for growth in Cameroon, Eneo's aim is to supply reliable energy and provide quality service, and be a model of governance in Africa.

Through its values which are Integrity, Cohesion, Respect and Commitment, the company in 2015 safely executed 85 000 new connections for households and businesses. It equally reduced the average duration of interruptions by 15%.

With its 3 750 employees and over one million customers, Eneo Cameroon is a mixed ownership company (public-private partnership) that generates and distributes electricity in Cameroon.

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